Pit Bikes

Apollo Pit Bikes

Sizes: 70cc - 250cc
Prices: $589 - $1399

Wolf Moto X Pit Bikes
Sizes: 70cc - 140cc
Prices: $789 - $1359

SSR Pit Bikes
Sizes: 70cc - 200cc
Prices: $579 - $1899
(You will be re-directed to a MXMB preferred SSR dealer)

Coolster Pit Bikes

Sizes: 70cc - 125cc
Prices: $579 - $969

Pitster Pro Pit Bikes

What is a pit bike?
Pit bikes are smaller versions of their big dirt bike cousins. They have been around for many years, and the numbers of fans continue to grow.

Originally, the pit bike was designed to be used by racers and mechanics to get in and out of the pits at motocross races. They started out as Honda CRF 50 and Honda Z50 models. They were easy to maneuver and fast enough to get around during the heat of a big race. Of course we begin to race the pitbike just like our big bikes and the evolution of the modern pit bike began. Most of these bikes have a  4 stroke, horizontal engine and basic suspension but riders began to push the limits with modified motors, suspension, etc. You can easily swap and change exhausts, carburetors, and even wheels to modify both the style and performance of you bike.

There are many benefits to owning a pit bike. They are a lot less dangerous than a full sized dirt bike because they are not as fast, lighter weight and lower to the ground. If your kid  is bugging you for a dirt bike, but you are concerned about safety, pit bikes may be the best answer.  Because it is less dangerous than a big dirt bike, this is also a great alternative for adults that want to ride as well. Pit bikes are especially beneficial for beginner riders.

Another benefit of a pit bike is ease of transportation. Thery are typically smaller so you can easily put one of these in the back of your truck and still have room for camping gear, riding gear, etc. If you’ve got a decent sized car or SUV, you could possible put a pitbike in the trunk.

Finally, pit bikes are much cheaper to buy and maintain than traditional big dirt bikes. Depending on your budget, you can pick up a decent pit bike for less than $1,000. The cost to maintain your pit bike is fairly cheap as well. If you have a little bit of mechanical know-how, pit bikes are very easy to maintain.

As the popularity of these bikes increase, more and more are being mass produced in China. There are several brands, including SSR pit bikes, that are producing quality pit bikes that are budget conscious.

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